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André Carrington Lecture

“Twinning: Blackness and the Speculative Fiction of Modernity/Coloniality”

Monday, October 16, 2017, 9:30am

Dogwood Room, Indiana Memorial Union

This presentation outlines a queer Afrofuturist outlook on future directions for cultural politics. It provides an overview of the formulation called “the speculative fiction of Blackness,” consisting of Afrofuturism and other Black Diasporic intellectual currents, which is explored in detail throughout Speculative Blackness: The Future of Race in Science Fiction. By linking this formulation with the concept of “queer futurity,” this discussion will reassert an investment in theories of being and power grounded in difference as a means of disidentifying with normative scripts for the performance of politics. Accounting for some genealogies of Afrofuturism and queer of color critique along with contemporary sources of inspiration in popular culture, it will gesture toward the possible futures envisioned by critics and culture workers positioned at the margins of the late modern intellectual enterprise.

André Carrington is Assistant Professor of English and Philosophy at Drexel University, and author of Speculative Blackness: The Future of Race in Science Fiction (University of Minnesota Press, 2016).

Sponsored by the College Arts & Humanities Institute, the Department of English, the Susan D. Gubar Chair in Literature, and the SF Research Collective.

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