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Black (黑) (2013)

Documentary Film in Post-Authoritarian Societies: Korea, Taiwan, South Africa

Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 7:00pm

IU Cinema

This series showcases documentary films from three post-authoritarian societies to show how societies make sense of their authoritarian pasts through contemporary documentary film. Organized around the themes of “Labor, Land, Dwelling,” and “Political Mobilization,” this series brings together three otherwise disparate contexts— South Africa, Taiwan, and South Korea—and asks how shared experiences of authoritarian rule shape contemporary political, economic, and social aspirations.

Ke Chin-yuan’s Black (黑) (2013) investigates the cycle of water pollution and its consequences on the environment and on communities who have to rely on contaminated crops. The screening will be followed by the roundtable featuring Tze-lan Sang, Susan Hwang, Alex Lichtenstein, and Josh Malitsky.

This screening will by followed by a roundtable featuring Prof. Tze-lang Sang from Michigan State, an expert on Taiwan’s independent documentary film; Prof. Alex Lichtenstein of IU’s History Department, an expert on labor history and struggles for racial justice in South Africa; and Prof. Susan Hwang (IU, EALC), a literature and film scholar who specializes in dissident politics in post-1960s South Korea. Prof. Joshua Malitsky, Director of the Center for Documentary Research and Practice, will moderate.