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CAHI presents: David Cole

“The Freedom to Dissent: Lessons for Constitutional Theory and Practice...”

Thursday, April 5, 2012, 3:30pm

University Club, IMU

The College Arts & Humanities Institute presents:

David Cole
Professor, Georgetown Law Center

“The Freedom to Dissent:  Lessons for Constitutional Theory and Practice from a Career Defending Flagburners, Performance Artists, Communists, and Terrorists.”

With an Introduction by Provost Lauren Robel

April 5, 3:30-5:00 p.m.
President’s Room, University Club
Indiana Memorial Union

David Cole is one of the nation’s essential voices on matters of constitutional law and civil liberties. A prolific author, he is a regular contributor to The Nation, the New York Review of Books, NPR, and other outlets.

Cole’s books include Less Safe, Less Free: The Failure of Preemption in the War on Terrorism, with Jules Lobel (New Press, 2007), Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism (New Press, 2003) (rev. paperback ed., 2005), Securing Liberty: Debating Issues of Terrorism and Democratic Values in the Post-9/11 United States (iDebate Press, 2011), and No Equal Justice: Race and Class in the American Criminal Justice System (The New Press, 1999).

Cole has also argued a number of important cases before the Supreme Court.

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