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Digital HPS Workshop 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013,

Dogwood Room, IMU

Digital HPS Workshop 2013

September 6-7, 2013
Dogwood Room, IMU

The workshop will assemble a group of leading figures in Digital Humanities, Computational Analysis, and History and Philosophy of Science to discuss current projects and developments at the intersection of these fields.

The program will include the following speakers:

Colin Allen, David Bodenhamer, Katy Börner, Julia Damerow, André De Tienne, Daron Dierkes, Wally Hooper, David Kohn, Jane Maienschein, Robert McDonald, Bill Newman, Erica O’Neil, Alison Pearn, Erick Peirson, Beth Plale, Sylwester Ratowt, Trish Rose-Sandler, Joel Silver, Scott Walter, Scott Weingart, Stephen Weldon, and Dirk Wintergruen

The workshop is open to all interested parties.

Please visit http://digitalhps.org/node/151 for more information and schedule or contact catapult@indiana.edu.

Sponsored by the Catapult Center for Digital Humanities and Computational Analysis of Texts