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Natural Language Toolkit with Sandra Kuebler

A Catapult Center Workshop

Thursday, March 13, 2014, 1:00pm

Wells Library Information Commons Cluster 1

Catapult Center Workshops: Basic Skills in the Digital Humanities

Sandra Kuebler

March 13, 2014 (Thursday)
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (with break)
Wells Library Information Commons Cluster 1

This workshop will cover the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), a Python-based platform for natural language processing (NLP) tools (http://nltk.org/). NLTK is useful because it’s a “one stop shop” for a variety of applications: storing data, searching data, applying part-of-speech taggers, applying syntactic parsers, classifying documents, and so forth. It does, however, require some understanding of the Python programming language (http://www.python.org), and we will go over the basics during the workshop. This will be a very gentle introduction to programming. In this workshop, we’ll cover the basics of text & corpus handling in NLTK, as well as a little bit on POS tagging (time permitting). The goal is to give people enough familiarity with NLTK to bootstrap themselves into more NLTK knowledge. If you want to follow along during the tutorial on your own laptop, you are strongly encouraged to install NLTK ahead of time: http://nltk.org/install.html (After that, it won’t hurt to install the NLTK data: http://nltk.org/data.html) If you do not have Python on your computer, you will need that, too: http://www.python.org/download/ No linguistic or programming experience necessary.

Register today for this free workshop at www.indiana.edu/~catapult/workshops.shtml