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Sunflower Occupation (太陽.不遠) (2014)

Documentary Film in Post-Authoritarian Societies: Korea, Taiwan, South Africa

Monday, November 27, 2017, 7:00pm

IU Cinema

This series showcases documentary films from three post-authoritarian societies to show how societies make sense of their authoritarian pasts through contemporary documentary film. Organized around the themes of “Labor, Land, Dwelling,” and “Political Mobilization,” this series brings together three otherwise disparate contexts— South Africa, Taiwan, and South Korea—and asks how shared experiences of authoritarian rule shape contemporary political, economic, and social aspirations.

In 2014, when protesting against the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, a group of protesters stormed the Taiwanese parliament and ended up occupying the legislature for 24 days. Questions are raised – what is democracy? What is the government? What is vio- lence? What is our future? What is the happiness we seek? Who is “we”?