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Students will prepare daily grammar and translation assignments before the class period for which they are listed. Please complete the exercises in advance and come to class ready to discuss and ask questions about them.

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Article summary

Before the first translation assignment, students must complete a summary of a three-page article that is related to their field of study. The goal of this assignment is to enable students to familiarize themselves with the act of reading for content in a second language before they begin the more demanding task of translating. Details will be given on the format for the summary on the first day of class. Please submit your article for approval by the end of the first week of classes.

Find an article here

Careful! The link above will lead you to good articles for beginners and intermediate readers. However, they are very short. Most of them are more suitable for translations than for reading for content.

Here are some other resources that might help.

You can do a search in a newspaper's site using a keyword or by name (i.e., classical guitar-> Paco de Lucía).


*Don't worry about the accents.

  • politics: política
  • music: música
  • guitar: guitarra
  • archeology: arqueología
  • religion: religión
  • optometry: optometría
  • eyes: ojos
  • contact lenses: lentes de contacto/lentillas (Spain)
  • health: salud
  • mental health: salud mental
  • medicine: medicina
  • environment: medio ambiente
  • science: ciencias
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