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Participation, preparation & attendance 8%
Summary of one three-page article 8%
Two translations (2@12%) 24%
Exams (3@20%) 60%


Participation, preparation, and attendance

Students are strongly encouraged to attend class since progress in reading a foreign language depends on repeated contact with the language and since attendance and participation are reflected in the final grade. In accordance with departmental policy, after two unexcused absences, 2 points will be deducted from the final grade for each additional absence. Students should consult with me if they have absences for medical or other excusable reasons (university-sponsored activities, conference presentations). For unexcused absences, please submit the homework before class by e-mail or in my mailbox in BH848 in order to get credit. For excused absences, please contact me about making up the work as soon as possible. Students are responsible for any missed material covered in class and should make arrangements with his/her classmates to get up to date.


Grades will be available in Post'Em


Last revision: May 5, 2002