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Besides reading from the grammar textbook, students are encouraged to seek online resources that might prove useful for their study. There is a wealth of materials in the WWW that is freely available to those willing to invest some time and effort improving their skills. However, as someone focusing on the study of Spanish for reading knowledge, your primary goal should be to seek information that will improve your understanding of some grammatical concepts. For this, you can read some explanations I have written and published in the grammar section of this site (click on 'Reglas' [Rules]), and check some other resources listed here.

Grades will be available in Post'Em

Dictionaries & Morphology

  • Acceptable Spanish-English online dictionary.
  • Word Reference: Good online dictionary.
  • Comp-Jugador: A great online program that conjugates over 10,000 verbs in Spanish in every mood and tense when you type in the infinitive.
    • Limitations:
      • It doesn't provide the English equivalent,
      • no reverse conjugation (i.e., entering 'hablan' and getting info on that [third person, plural, present, indicative].


Grammar Reference & Exercises





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