The Canterbury Fellowship is the worshipping congregation of Canterbury House and the Episcopal Campus Ministry at Indiana University. The mission of Canterbury Fellowship within the Episcopal Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. We pursue this mission in many different and complementary ways. We pray, worship and proclaim the Gospel. We also promote justice, equality, inclusion, peace, love, critical thinking and acting as agents of change in our world.

We are old and young all ages between. Our newest Canterburian is 72 and our youngest is a recently baptized child who is the son of immigrants. We are a blend of ethnicities from different cultures and countries. Among us are women and men, gay and straight, musicians, students, teachers, university staff and faculty, a luthier and an aviator. This band of pilgrims, seekers and questioners, is bound together in sacraments, actions and friendship, heart and head, and always searching for a way to live together in strength and grace.

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