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    Take a course this fall in the digital humanities.

Catapult is a Center established by the College of Arts and Sciences in 2012 for the promotion of digital humanities and the computational and material analysis of texts. The goal of the Center is to build a visible community of scholars and researchers from the humanities, social sciences, computer and information sciences, and materials sciences who wish to collaborate in seeking innovative solutions to problems that arise in textual and para-textual research. In order to achieve this goal, Catapult offers a Workshop and Training series that meets throughout the year and provides hands-on experience in computational techniques ranging from the preparation of online text editions and encyclopedias to data mining and linguistic analysis of electronic documents. In addition to these practical workshops, Catapult also offers a yearly Colloquium series where prominent figures in digital humanities and related areas of research are invited to speak. Topics range from computationally assisted study of text content and information visualization to materials analysis of text collections.