Fall 2013 - Fiscal Officers Workshop


Reconciling Your Accounts
Carol Ball, Budgetary Administration and Planning
Sterling George,
Director - Financial Systems Administration & Operations (FMS)
Damon Dorsey, Financial Systems Coordinator (FMS)

Smart Practices
Rozzie Gerstman, Budgetary Administration and Planning

Budget Planning
Aimee Heeter, Associate Vice Provost

Budget Planning II
Aimee Heeter, Associate Vice Provost

Purchasing - Compliance Complexities
Jill Schunk, Associate Vice President of Procurement Services

Financial Literacy
Jack Tharp
, Senior Director of Financial Literacy

James Wimbush, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs, and Dean of University Graduate School

Base & Chasing it, Current, Adjusted Base – Cash Oh My!
Rozzie Gerstman, Assistant Vice President

Understanding Sub-Funds, Source Of Funds & Quasi Endowments
Rozzie Gerstman, Assistant Vice President
tew Cobine, Managing Director, Capital Finance & Assistant Treasurer

Financial Analyses – Tableau
RJ Woodling, Associate Director, Budget Planning and Development

Share Point/Administrative Management Tool
Lynette Weber, Executive Business Center Manager

Panel Discussion on International Engagement