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Accountable Mail - Mail Services

Financial Policy:

Processing Revenue, FIN-TRE-120

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Additional Forms:

Accountable Mail Pick Up Request Form

Things to Know:

  • IU financial policy FIN-TRE-120 defines the parameters for depositing funds. Deposits on the Bloomington Campus with the Bursar and IU Foundation are processed by the Mail Service Accountable Mail courier.
  • Use the Accountable Mail service pick-up when sending checks or cash from one location to another. (Ex: Dept to Bursar, Dept to Dept for processing, Dept to IUF, etc.)
  • Departments are required to complete the Mail Service Accountable Mail Customer Authorization Information Form to designate department contacts who will be responsible for Accountable Mail transactions. To obtain a form, email
  • Hand delivery by staff members is not an acceptable method for deposit as this does not create a paper trail for auditing purposes.
  • Please update your “Accountable Mail Authorization” forms annually or as often as needed when new staff members are added or removed in your organization. This will allow Mail Services to have the most current and up to date information for auditing purposes. The form can be requested at any time by sending an email to and can be sent thru campus mail addressed to: Mail Services, 2931 E 10th
  • Request Accountable Mail pick-up bags via email from
  • To send a request for deposit pickups, see IU Mail Services web site and choose "Accountable Mail Authorization Form" on the menu. We provide the link to the form on the Additional Forms link above.

New info added 12/4/2017:

  • Per the request of the office of the Treasury/University Budget Office we are making a change to the current accountable mail bags from “Currency” to “Confidential Document”. Please order a new supply beginning and return to us your unused “currency” bags. Please advise Amail users of the following:
    • On the bag we only want to see “TO” and “FROM” portion written.
    • For security reasons DO NOT write the “Contents” on the front of the bag.
    • The request procedures in place will remain the same.
  • You may want to read the instructions on How to Request/Submit Accountable Mail Pick-Up
  • For questions about depositing funds with the Bursar or IU Foundation please contact Ruth Harpool, email:
  • For questions about Mail Services's Accountable Mail please send an email to