Art and Museum Objects

Activity: Art and Museum Objects
Financial Policy: Capitalization of Art and Museum Objects, FIN-ACC-240
Related Policies: Charitable Gifts to Indiana University, FIN-ACC-40
Donor Intent Responsibilities, FIN-ACC-45
Additional Forms: N/A

Things to Know:

  • Correct object code must be utilized on the purchase and payment documents.
  • See list of Frequently Used Object Codes.
  • Contact IU Foundation Gift Planning for assistance with appraisal requirements and documentations.
  • See FMS Capital Asset Standard Operating Procedures: CSOP 7.0 IU Gifts for receiving non-monetary items of tangible personal property such as art, collectibles, books, equip, automobiles, other assets or materials which represent value to the University and the Foundation.

Please contact the Campus Art Management Offices at 812-855-5360 to inquire about available works of art in the IU Collection or to assist with:

  • How to purchase Art for your department, building, conference room, or office?
  • How to get Art works for your office?
  • How to carry Art work from place to place or finding storage when buildings are off line?
  • How to get information on Art and artists and Art exhibitions?