Biweekly Salaries for SM, SS, and Temporary Employees - BC*

Activity: Biweekly Salaries for Service Maintenance, Support Staff, and Temporary Employees
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  • Salaries for General Supervision (GS), Nursing Assistants and Nursing Staff (NU) classified positions and Support Staff employees not covered by CWA may be set during budget construction consistent with the salary guidelines and associated salary range. Individual salaries may not be set below the minimum or above the maximum of the updated salary ranges. Management should consider the position of the individual’s salary in the salary range, performance and experience when setting salaries. Please contact Compensation Services, University Human Resources for assistance in setting salaries for non-union represented Staff.
  • Salaries for union-represented Support and Service Maintenance Staff are negotiated with respective unions and will be entered by the University Budget Office once the salary distribution agreements have been reached.
  • Note: The non-union employee’s geographical work location determines the appropriate salary policy to follow in the event there is any variation in the application between campuses.
  • Please check to see that no continuing position is omitted and that the CSF amount for each person is correct. Support Staff (object 2500) positions flagged for deletion will release funds for reallocation elsewhere within your budget. Known terminal pay requirements can be budgeted in object code 2550 (Non-Ex T Pay).
  • Any new positions added or increased FTE in existing positions should be funded at the current starting rate for the classification level and position, unless the position is already filled at a higher rate. All added positions (including FTE increases to existing positions) are the responsibility of the budgetary unit and must be funded, including employee benefits, through internal reallocation.
  • If a new position is planned or you have plans for reclassification of a current position and the event has not been completed during budget construction, budget the proposed salary difference in the appropriate object salary reserve (i.e., 2504). Benefits will be automatically calculated.
  • If equity adjustments are planned and have not been approved by end of budget construction the effective date of the salary rate will be July 12 and an E-doc will need to be prepared to accomplish this new rate.
  • Contact Rozzie Gerstman or call 855-1123 for further questions.

UPDATED 3/31/2016: The minimum wage rate for all benefits eligible support and service staff will be $10.15 per hour. Minimum wage for all temporary hourly employees will be increased to $10.15 per hour. Note that there are no Staff employees who are currently paid below this rate.

For questions please contact your FMS Payroll Processor.

*Budget Construction