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Children - Programs Involving Minors

Activity: Children - Programs Involving Minors
Financial Policy:

PS-01, Programs Involving Children (policy updated 5/29/13)

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Additional Forms:

Things to Know:

  • This activity pertains to policy PS-01, Programs Involving Children and its scope reaches all academic, including faculty; staff; hourly employees; students; and volunteers at Indiana University. All university units. External organizations using Indiana University facilities for programs that include children.
  • Submitting program involving children information:
  • Programs including children must complete an online information form at least seven days prior to the start of the program. The form can be found on the Protect IU OneStart service (within the gold "Services" tab).
  • Recurring programs must submit/update the form at least once each year.
  • See Programs Involving Children FAQ
  • Reporting suspected abuse: In an emergency or if you see a crime in progress, always call 911 immediately. Anyone who has reason to believe that a child is a victim of abuse must report it immediately to Child Protective Services or local law enforcement (Indiana Code § 31-33-5). To comply with the state law, oral reports may be made to either: The anonymous Indiana Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline.
    Dial1-800-800-5556. The IU Police Department on any campus, or the local community police. Dial 911, or dial the local IUPD campus number or local community police department number.
  • Internal procedures following report of abuse: State law requires that suspected cases of abuse must also be reported to a designated agent at the institution (IC 31-33-5). The designated agent at Indiana University is the Director of Public Safety.
  • When the Director of Public Safety receives a report and conveys that report to CPS, the following people should be also notified of the report and involved, when appropriate, in the internal evaluation:
  • Campus police department;
  • Campus provost or chancellor;
  • Office of the VP and General Counsel;
  • If staff or hourly employees involved – University Human Resource Services;
  • If students involved – Dean of Students or the campus VCAA, as well as the head of the student’s department or school;
  • If academic – Vice provost or vice chancellor of academic affairs (VCAA) and dean;
  • Parents or guardians of child, unless under the circumstances they are the alleged abuser.

If the situation warrants, the alleged abuser may be immediately suspended pursuant to the applicable procedures, pending an investigation.

The university shall cooperate with any external investigation conducted by Child Protective Services or local law enforcement. The Director of Public Safety, in consultation with the Office of the VP and General Counsel, UHRS (if staff or hourly employee), Dean of Students and/or VCAA (if student), and VCAA (if academic), will conduct its own internal evaluation to determine if sanctions are warranted, up to and including dismissal. Legal prohibitions regarding physical presence on campus/trespassing may also be pursued. University administrators shall follow the appropriate procedures in determining and issuing any sanction (IU Academic Handbook, campus based Academic Handbooks, UHRS employee policies, Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities). If alleged abuser is one of the university officials identified herein, the Director of Public Safety shall report and consult with their superior, or in any instance, the Provost/Chancellor, or the President, or the Board of Trustees if necessary.

The Office of the VP and General Counsel shall maintain a report of each allegation, together with a summary of the internal evaluation, the findings and sanctions, if any, that are imposed.

If the alleged abuser is not a member of the Indiana University community, but is present at IU through a third party vendor or other external entity authorized to be on campus, that external entity will also be notified that the alleged abuser will no longer be permitted on campus/facilities owned by IU.

  • Background checks: Indiana University programs must use HireRight, the university-designated vendor to complete background checks. To initiate the background check process, the applicant must first complete a Background Check Consent Statement, which gives Indiana University the explicit written consent of the candidate to conduct a criminal background check. Individuals applying for Staff positions will complete the consent form in the on-line application program, OLA, when they set up their record. All other individuals (Faculty and Academic staff, Hourly employees, and Volunteers) will print a paper copy of the Background Check Consent Form and submit the completed form to the department where the position exists. The department must receive a paper copy of the selected candidate's signed and dated Background Check Consent Statement prior to conducting the criminal history and sex and violent offender registry checks. A faxed or photocopied form is acceptable. Departments are to maintain the completed Background Check Consent Statement.
  • After the department has received the signed consent form, the department can obtain the selected candidate's social security number and date of birth. The private information may be collected in person, over the telephone, or in writing from the applicant. Due to security concerns, this private information is not to be sent electronically. The request for a criminal background check is then entered on the HireRight website by the hiring department's authorized person. If the department does not already have an authorized user, it should designate a person to perform this duty and submit the following information to the campus Human Resources office.

To become an authorized HireRight user, the campus Human Resource office needs the following information for the department's authorized person:

  1. First and last name
  2. Position title
  3. Campus phone number
  4. Campus fax number
  5. E-mail address
  6. IU username
  7. Campus address
  8. Dept code (i.e. BL-BUS, UA-HUMM)
  • Authorization for access must come from a member of management within the department. The campus Human Resource office will notify the department's authorized user after the HireRight set up is complete. The authorized user will receive an email from HireRight with an initial assigned password. Once the record is set up, the authorized user can log in to the HireRight system at:
  • Detailed instructions for requesting a background check are on the HireRight site. For applicants that will work with programs involving children, only the IU Standard Check should be selected, not the limited check.
  • ake sure to check the summary of the information entered before finalizing the order as failure to verify the information could lead to additional charges, complications in the billing process, and incomplete or false results. Each background check ordered must have an IU Reference Number assigned which is critical for HireRight to use in submitting “Pending” cases to the correct campus Human Resources office, for those offices to use in determining the hiring department, and for UHRS to use in billing for the background check request. The campus Human Resource office can assist departments that need help in creating an IU Reference Number.
  • The IU Reference Number: This is a required IU number which must be entered into the HireRight’s screen before it can be submitted. The number begins with the two digit campus abbreviation (e.g. BL, IN, KO); followed by the department’s HRMS code; and ending with the account number to which any HireRight fees are to be billed. The use of dashes to separate these three components aids in reading them. For Volunteers, the number is to begin with VL university-wide in place of the two digit campus abbreviation.
  • Upon completion of the background check, HireRight will inform the university of the results. If there are no court records, an email will be sent to the person who submitted the request stating the candidate "Meets Company Standards." If a court record has been found, an email will be sent to the office that has been designated for the campus for Faculty and Academic staff or Staff and Hourly employees or to the University Director of Public Safety for all Volunteers (VL) informing them that the status is "Pending." That office will take next steps and contact the department depending on the status of the applicant and in accordance with the above policy statement.

The office that receives the "Pending" email notice will then send a letter to the applicant informing him or her of the results of the background check, along with a copy of the background check report and a statement of his or her rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The letter or email will state that (a) a conviction has been found, (b) a final decision will be made shortly about the individual’s status, (c) the report may be considered in that decision, and (d) if the individual has any questions about the accuracy of the report, he or she should contact HireRight at the provided address. NOTE: The contents of all letters are prescribed by the FCRA.

Each month, HireRight will submit a bill to UHRS for the previous month's requests. The bill will contain the name of each individual for whom a check has been performed and the cost of that check. UHRS will sort the requests by university account number and charge the appropriate accounts.

Submitting program information:

Programs including children must complete an online information form at least seven days prior to the start of the program. The form can be found on the Protect IU OneStart service (within the gold "Services" tab).

Recurring programs must submit/update the form at least once each year.