Activity: Planning of Conferences
Financial Policy: FIN-TRV-1.0, Authorization for Out-of-State Travel
FIN-TRV-2.0, Reimbursement of Travel Expenditures
FIN-TRV-3.0, Travel Reimbursement Deadline Policy
FIN-TRE-VI-120, Processing Revenue
Letter to Deans, Directors and Fiscal Officers from the VP&CFO (Theobald) related to policy Processing Revenue, FIN-TRE-VI-120
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Things to Know:

The planning of a Conference begins by working with IU Purchasing and Bloomington Conferences Bureau.

  • A “letter of invitation” is a legitimate request for someone from another country to attend a conference in the United States.  It is needed to obtain a visa.  However, these same letters can fetch big money on the black market.  Do you know how to spot phony requests?
  • Fraudulent credit card charges can overstate your income, can take months to resolve, and can result in a monetary loss to the conference.
  • There are substantial penalties for a breach of credit card security and the University can be fined thousands of dollars.
  • A conference presenter from another country, who doesn’t obtain the correct visa before they travel, may not be allowed into the U.S., and they probably won’t get paid.
  • A poorly negotiated hotel contract can result in thousands of wasted dollars.
  • You can be personally liable if you sign a contract that commits funds for the University.
  • There is an organization on campus that handles these issues and more – IU Conferences.
  • Any activity that brings in revenue is required to have an RPAQ (Revenue Producing Activity Questionnaire) completed prior to the conference or event.
  • IU employees are not allowed to sign contracts on behalf of IU.  Please see policy Signature Authority and Delegation, FIN-TRE-VI-100 for further details.
  • Contact IU Conferences by email or by phone at 812-855-6922.

See IU Conferences and the Office of Conference and Event Registration websites for further details.