Disbursement Voucher

Activity: Disbursement Voucher

The Disbursement Voucher (DV) document is used to reimburse employees and nonemployees for expenses incurred while conducting University business and to pay other vendors for performing a service, or providing material goods for the University.

Financial Policy:


Related Policies:

Disbursement Voucher Supporting Documentation, FIN-ACC-420
Allowable Hospitality Expenses, FIN-ACC-50
Moving Expenses, FIN-ACC-310
Reimbursement of Meals for Emergency Situations, FIN-ACC-430

Additional Forms: Disbursement voucher document located in KFS
Application for Financial Support For Student Organization

Things to Know:

You must process a Disbursement Voucher (DV) in order to transfer funds from an IU department to a Student Organization Account (SOA). Please read Financial Assistance from an IU Departmental Account for a Student OrganizationPlease be sure to write notes with details of transaction for reference. 

Check out: 

Disbursement Voucher Supporting Documentation Procedures
Object Codes
Disbursement Voucher (DV) Financial Processing Module
Non IU Employee Trip Reimbursement
Prepaid Travel Expenses and Registration Fees

For more information please contact Charlie Sinex at csinex@indiana.edu or Student Organization Accounts iusoa@indiana.edu.

Training: Indiana University requires all KFS users who will initiate disbursement vouchers (DVs) to obtain prior certification. See Disbursement Voucher Certification for details.