Equipment - BC*

Activity: Equipment - BC
Financial Policy:

FIN-ACC-I-140, Off-Premise Capital Equipment Control

Related Policies:

FIN-ACC-I-150, Capitalization of Movable Equipment
FIN-ACC-I-170, Capital Movable Asset Physical Inventories, Tagging and Location Changes
FIN-ACC-I-180, Depreciation of Capital Assets
FIN-ACC-I-270, Ownership of University Capital Assets
III-70, Equipment Transfers (equipment purchased from contract and grant funds)

Additional Forms:

Capital Asset Management System (CAMS)
Capital Standard Operating Procedures (CSOP)
CAMS Training Materials

Things to Know:

  • If the asset cost is $5000 or more, an IU yellow tag must be attached to the equipment and entered into the university asset database.  A mandatory physical inventory must be conducted no less than once per 24 month span, for the life of the capital asset.
  • All Fund Groups: For capital assets and components costing $5,000 or more, please use the following object codes:
Description Object Code
Capital Equipment 7000
Computer Equipment 7015
Capital Lease Comp Equip >$5,000 7020
Capital Lease Comp Software >$5,000 7021

For purchases of less than $5,000, please use the following
object codes:

Description Object Code
Movable equipment       5200
Furniture 5211
Computer equipment 5215
Software <$1,000  4616
Software $1,000-4,999 5218
  • If you have any questions regarding how a purchase should be handled (e.g., if it should be considered a capital asset), please email

CATS Presentation related to this activity: Capital Asset Overview

*BC - Budget Construction