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Campus Administrative Training Series / Bloomington Financial and Administrative Resource Page

Financial Aid Guidelines - Other Miscellaneous Financial Aid Topics

Funding for Overseas Study

Activity: Funding for Overseas Study
Financial Policy: N/A
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Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008

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Things to Know:

  • Payment for students who are participating in any study abroad program coordinated through the IUB OVST (including IU-administered, Co-sponsored, non-IU OVST, and IU department sponsored programs) must be processed through SIS financial aid. Additional expenses for all of these programs are coordinated by the OVST and reported to the OSFA to accurately offset any increased cost of attendance incurred by the student for overseas travel and study prior to the beginning of the enrollment period in which the study abroad will occur.  Likewise, any funds designed to offset study abroad costs should be posted in the SIS prior to the enrollment period in which the study abroad will occur.
  • Students who are participating in a non-IU study abroad program through the IUB Office of Overseas Study are eligible to receive institutional and federal student aid through the SIS. Students must complete a contract with the OVST. Depending on the type of aid the student wishes to receive, the student will be enrolled in a zero credit hour placeholder course that allows for financial aid disbursement.
  1. Students who wish to receive institutional and federal financial aid will be enrolled in OVST Y496.
  2. Students who wish to receive only scholarship/fellowship financial aid will be enrolled in OVST Y498.
  3. Students who do not wish to receive any financial aid will be enrolled in OVST Y499.
  • Fee remissions can only be awarded to students who are studying abroad in an IU-sponsored or Co-sponsored program coordinated by the Office of Overseas Study.
  • Changes to estimated budgets are made automatically for students on IU Overseas Study programs administered through the Study Abroad Office (OVST).  All study abroad costs for programs administered by the departments and schools must be approved by the OVST who will forward the information to the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA).