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Other Financial Aid Received

Activity: Other Financial Aid Received
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  • Students who have been awarded other financial aid (grants, scholarships, and loans, work-study) may have other awards reduced when scholarships and fellowships are processed by departments.  Sometimes, aid already received may have to be repaid to maintain compliance with federal aid guidelines.  It is not unusual for a department to make a fellowship or scholarship award which is disbursed to the student by direct deposit.  Then the student may be required to repay other aid previously received.  Generally, the fellowship or scholarship is not “extra” money.  As a result, it is very important that departments entering awards advise staff to pay attention to financial aid already in the SIS and take appropriate action before placing the student in a hardship situation.  It is recommended that departments enter awards in SIS to incoming freshman by March 1st and awards to upperclassman by May 15th.  This allows the awards to be considered when mass student aid packaging occurs.
  • Any questions regarding a students’ aid eligibility should be directed to staff in the financial aid office.