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Things to Know:

1. Is the individual required to perform services to Indiana University as a condition to receive the funds?
2. Does the University control or define the work schedule?
3. Is the individual providing teaching/instruction or research services?
4. If the individual is performing research
a. Does the University choose the research topic?
b. Does the University retain rights to the research?
c. Is the research “primarily” for the University’s benefit (vs. the student’s educational experience)?
5. Are the funds included as part of a NHSCS or armed forces program?
6. Visiting Scholars?
7. Are the funds identified as payment for work or research in a federal grant proposal?

  • If you answer “Yes” to most of the questions above, the payment is for services rendered and should be processed through payroll.  Please see the section on Student Travel and Research if the payment involves travel.
  • If the answer is generally “No” please continue with the following question:

1. Does the student have to attend IU to receive the funds?  Answering “Yes” generally means the award should be processed in the SIS through the departmental entry pages.  Exceptions:

a. Student is not enrolled during the award period (example summer): Documentation is required on why the payment is being made during a period of non-enrollment
b. Payments for personal enrichment expenses not associated with credit-bearing course: (Example: East Africa as part of a Volunteer Service Work Organization).  In most cases, any payment to cover the cost of attendance components (tuition, fees, room, board, and personal expenses) should be processed in the SIS.
c. Student Prizes (see prizes section on page 8)

Please note that in some cases, students with federal aid may not have eligibility for additional funds.  Please take this into consideration before notifying students of awards after the start of the semester.
Departments are reminded that there may be donor restrictions governing how the award should be paid. For example, there may be money through Federal Title III (Groups, McNair) that further specifies method of payment.

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA), for questions.