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Campus Administrative Training Series (CATS)

IU Bloomington Financial and Administrative Resource Page
Campus Administrative Training Series

Financial Aid Guidelines

Reviewing Your Current Use of Object Codes


Reviewing Your Current Use of Object Codes

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Things to Know:

  • Please review your current use of financial aid object codes across all fund groups to ensure that they comply with guidelines. In cases where object code usage for actual expenditures needs to be updated, it may be necessary to coordinate changes to Student Information System (SIS) item types, which are used to process awards for students in the financial aid and student financials (Bursar) systems.
  • For BL campus, questions regarding SIS item types and their setup for the student financials accounting feed can be directed to the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) email:
  • IU summarizes scholarships and fellowships received by students for tax purposes on a 1098-T report available to students through OneStart.
  • For student questions about:
    a) Tax implications of scholarships, fellowships, and fee remissions, students should be referred to IRS publication 970.
    b) International students should be referred to:
    c) For departmental scholarships, students are directed to contact the respective department that processed the scholarship.

Table 1: Object Codes and Descriptions

4866 - Prizes: not for the purpose of aiding the student’s study, training, or research 
          and not considered scholarship or fellowship
5400 - Graduate Student Academic Appointee (SAA) fee remission
5610 - SAA health insurance
5810 - Graduate student fee remission for regularly enrolled graduate and 
          professional students
5820 - Graduate student fellowships for enrolled students
        - Fellowships for pre-doctoral graduate students enrolled in minimum
          of one summer course
5821 - Fellowships reportable post-doctoral without enrollment requirements of 5820
          (process through payroll)
5822 - Fellowships that only professional students qualify
5860 - Undergraduate student scholarships for non-enrolled students (DV process)
5861 - Graduate student fellowships for non-enrolled students (DV process)
5865 - Undergraduate student travel and research
5866 - Graduate student travel and research
        - Non-compensatory research expenses, study-related travel for pre-doctoral 
5870 - Sponsored program student fee remissions
5880 - Undergraduate student scholarships for enrolled students