Financial Aid Guidelines - Fee Remissions

Sponsored Program Student Fee Payments - 5870


Sponsored Program Student Fee Payments - 5870

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Payments to Graduate Students and Related Fees

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Things to Know:

Financial aid should be budgeted according to the following expenditure object code and description that are specific to the financial aid activity.

  • Sponsored Program Student Fee Payments – 5870
    Fee remissions awarded to students on behalf of sponsored programs or special institutes should be recorded as 5870.  Examples include tuition and fees paid on sponsored contract and grant accounts, fee remissions for exchange students, and fee remissions for summer institute and workshop participants. See Contract and Grants Important Notice #97-1 for additional information. Expense for this category is to be processed through SIS third party contracts (Office of the Bursar).  These funds are reflected in the student’s financial aid package as “Estimated Fee Remission.”
  • Please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA), for questions.