Hospitality Expenses

Activity: Hospitality Expenses
Financial Policy: FIN-ACC-I-50, Allowable Hospitality Expenses
Related Policies: FIN-ACC-I-70, Payments for Memberships in Social Organizations
FIN-ACC-I-80, Donations and Contributions to Other Entities
FIN-ACC-I-330, Inappropriate Use of University Funds
FIN-ACC-I-420, Disbursement Voucher Supporting Documentation
FIN-ACC-I-430, Reimbursement of Meals for Emergency Situations
FIN-LT-01, Licensing and Trademark Policy
Additional Forms: Bloomington Campus Hospitality Request Form
Temporary Food Service Application for External Events

Things to Know:

  • Object Codes:     
    - 4025 Hospitality
    - 4026 Conferences and workshops when a registration fee is charged
    - 4027 Contract and grant hospitality expenses
    - 4028 Student activity fee hospitality expenses
    - 4868 Promotional items
  • Promotional items: Hospitality should be budgeted as a separate line item
  • See IUB policy for Food Service at Temporary Events Open to the Public
    • Please double check your receipts to make sure alcohol is not being claimed. When entertaining at restaurants you may want to ask for separate receipts for alcohol so you can send those to the IU Foundation.
    • Paying Musical performers (individuals or groups) it's not hospitality, please do not use object code 4025 you should be using 4519, we need to be sure we are capturing this object code due to taxable income for the performers.
  • Mandatory Reporting Under HLOGA: HLOGA stands for "Honest Leadership and Open Government Act" of 2007. Please see the policy FIN-ACC-I-50, Allowable Hospitality Expenses for the items that are NOT allowable expenses under HLOGA and for procedures.

For questions, please contact:

BL - Rozzie Gerstman 5-1123

UA - Joan Hagen 6-2548