Processing Gifts

Activity: Processing Gifts
Financial Policy: FIN-ACC-I-40, Gifts to Indiana University
Related Policies:
Additional Forms:
  • IUF Cash Gift Deposit form
  • IUF Gift In-kind Transmittal form
  • IUF Donor Gift/Pledge Intent form

Must have authorization from IU Foundation (IUF) to access these forms above. Go to OneIU (search 'IU Advacement IQ', make it your Favorite)

Things to Know:

  • Policies and procedures - Gift Administration: OneIU (search 'IU Advacement IQ').
  • Must use Accountable Mail for pick up of gift and be sure to designate delivery to IUF.
  • Gift monies should not be deposited through the Bursar's office. Gift transmittal forms are available by contacting the Indiana University Foundation Joint Gift Office at 855-6300.
  • Revenues generated using University resources through the sale of goods or services must be deposited in an IU account, not an IUF account.
  • Tax Implications – see FMS - Tax Implications for Fringe Benefits

External bank accounts are not allowed.