Meals for Emergency Situations

Activity: Meals for Emergency Situations
Financial Policy: FIN-ACC-I-430, Reimbursement of Meals for Emergency Situations
Related Policies:

FIN-ACC-I-50, Allowable Hospitality Expenses

Additional Forms: Disbursement voucher document located in KFS

Things to Know:

  • Indiana University staff who have been called to work during non-scheduled hours in an emergency situation can be reimbursed actual expenses for meals taken during this work period, if approved by the Director of the department.
  • Emergency situations are events that occur outside normal operations of an organization when it is determined the university is at risk and requires the organization’s staff to work outside of their normal work schedule. Staff may not leave the premises, or for only a limited amount of time.
  • Must have proper receipts for reimbursement.
  • See Reimbursement of Meals for Emergency Situations, FIN-ACC-I-430 policy for details.