Mobile and Other Electronic Devices

Activity: Mobile and Other Electronic Devices  (formerly "cell phones and other electronic devices")
Financial Policy: Mobile Plan and Device Allowance, FIN-ACC-480 - Policy Updated July 6, 2016
Role of Fiscal Officer, Account Manager and Account Supervisor, FIN-ACC-1
Fiscal Misconduct, FIN-ACC-30
Inappropriate Use of University Funds, FIN-ACC-330

Related Policies:

IT-12.1 Mobile Device Security Standard
PSOP 9.0: Implementing IU's Policy on Mobile Devices and Internet Access

Additional Forms:

  • Annual Mobile Use Attestation form - To download the form, go to Related Forms in policy Mobile Plan and Device Allowance, FIN-ACC-480.
  • Allowances are to be made to employees via the payroll system using the Additional Pay edoc with Earnings Code DVA. Go to One.IU to (search for HRMS and make it your Favorite)

Things to Know:

  • The mobile allowance will now be NON-TAXABLE to the employee. Selection of the code “DVA” on the eDoc places the amount in a non-taxable earn code and the allowance will no longer be reported on the employee’s W-2 as compensation. Gross-up of taxes for the employee’s mobile allowance is no longer necessary.
  • Employees may be reimbursed $50, $100, or $150 at the department’s discretion. The reimbursement should be commensurate with the employee’s business use of his or her personal cell phone plan and the cost of the device(s) purchased. (For FY17, we will not require changes to eDocs that have already been processed).
  • Users of mobile devices under the Mobile Plan and Device Allowance, FIN-ACC-480 policy must comply with the University policy IT-12.1 Mobile Device Security Standard. Devices that have been lost or damaged are the responsibility of the employee to replace.
  • Employees may have multiple devices, however, the amount may not exceed the maximum monthly amount.
  • "Internet access for business purposes while traveling will be reimbursed for these charges through the standard Travel reimbursement process so long as such charges are for short-term internet services and are submitted as part of a lodging receipt. The University will not reimburse employees for roaming charges. To avoid roaming charges, employees should add international calling plans before beginning international business travel."  - Policy excerpt
  • Shared devices are covered by this policy. Please consult with your Fiscal Officer.
  • IU Foundation accounts may not be used to pay for mobile or other electronic devices.