Moving Expenses Reimbursement

Activity: Moving Expenses Reimbursement
Financial Policy: FIN-ACC-I-310, Moving Expenses
Related Policies:

FIN-ACC-I-30, Fiscal Misconduct

Additional Forms:
  • Disbursement Voucher document located in KFS.
  • Additional Pay Edocs are found on the HRMS system. Go to OneIU, search for HRMS and make it your Favorite.
  • See Purchasing website for information on Relocation.

Things to Know:

  • Please refer to policy Moving Expense, FIN-ACC-I-310 for Procedures.
  • For information on how to request a quote from a Moving Company, please see click here.
  • How do I move households or offices? Please click here for contact information.
  • Object code for moving expense is 5070.
  • See IRS 521 for tax clarification such as 30 days in transit storage allowed as not taxable; over 30 days is taxable.
  • Temporary housing reimbursement is taxable.
  • House hunting trip reimbursement is taxable.
  • Mileage rate is determined by IRS Guidelines.

Email or call 855-0375 with any tax questions.

Refer to policy Moving Expenses, FIN-ACC-I-310 for additional contact.

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