Moving Expenses Reimbursement

Activity: Moving Expenses Reimbursement
Financial Policy: FIN-ACC-I-310, Moving Expenses
Related Policies:

FIN-ACC-I-30, Fiscal Misconduct

Additional Forms:
  • Disbursement Voucher document located in KFS.
  • Additional Pay Edocs are found on the HRMS system. Go to OneIU, search for HRMS and make it your Favorite.
  • See Purchasing website for information on Relocation.

Things to Know:

  • Please refer to policy FIN-ACC-I-310, Moving Expenses for Procedures.
  • For infomation on how to request a quote from a Moving Company, please see click here.
  • Certain expenses incurred in moving the household goods and personal effects for a new, full-time faculty or staff member who has accepted a position with Indiana University may be paid directly to vendors by the university ,or reimbursed to the individual, on a non-taxable basis.
  • Certain expenses cannot be made as nontaxable payments or reimbursements of moving expenses under either IRS or State Budget Agency guidelines, but will be treated as taxable compensation to the employee and must be paid outside the scope of the Moving Expense Policy, by utilizing the Supplemental Payroll Voucher process. See Moving Expenses Financial Policy, FIN-ACC-I-310.
  • The total of payments or reimbursements that may be made to an individual with university funding, including travel expenses, is at the discretion of the campus chancellor or appropriate vice president, but is limited to no more than 10,000.
  • Moving Expense Authorization Form mentioned in Financial Policy FIN-ACC-I-310 is for IUPUI only, not for IUB.
  • How do I move households or offices? Please click here for contact information.
  • Object code for moving expense is 5070.
  • See IRS 521 for tax clarification such as 30 days in transit storage allowed as not taxable; over 30 days is taxable.
  • Temporary housing reimbursement is taxable.
  • House hunting trip reimbursement is taxable.
  • Mileage rate is determined by IRS Guidelines.
  • Email or call 855-0375 with any tax questions.

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