Non-General Fund Accounts (Budget Requirements) - BC*

Activity: Non-General Fund Accounts (Budget Requirements) - BC
Financial Policy: Budget Requirements - Non-General Fund Accounts, FIN-BUD-10
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Things to Know:

  • Non-general fund accounts must be budgeted if they have (a) annual revenue source greater than $30,000 (recurring) and (b) employees with a CSF record. Please budget anticipated transfers-in as a negative expense using the appropriate transfer object code.
  • If carry forward funds are the source of income, object code 0110, can be used to budget compensation for an employee with a CSF salary and fringe benefits. However, this transaction needs prior approval by Rozzie Gerstman. You may email Rozzie Gerstman or call 855-1123.
  • Accounts with more than $30,000 in non-compensation activity should be funded through post-July 1 budget adjustments.
  • The expenditure budget must balance with the revenue.

See policy Budget Requirements - Non-General Fund Accounts, FIN-BUD-10 for more information.


*BC - Budget Construction