18/20 Retirement Plan

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Things to Know:

For the 18/20 program, the provision that 20% of the retiree’s base salary had to be budgeted for by the retiree’s unit is suspended. (Info added 5/23/2013)

The 18/20 Plan has two distinct benefit components:

  • Interim Benefit – a deferred compensation provision
  • Retirement Account Contributions – a defined contribution provision


Full-Time Appointed Academic and Professional Staff Grade 16 and above employees who are covered by the IU Retirement Plan 15% Level of Contributions at Indiana University on or before July 14, 1988, and completed at least 20 years of continuous full-time service at Indiana University with 18 years of participation in Indiana University's IU Retirement Plan 15% Level of Contributions, and who retire on or after the participant's 64th birthday and prior to the participant's 70th birthday.

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