General Card Use

Activity: General Card Use
Financial Policy: FIN-PUR-3.3, State Conflict of Interest for Procurement Transactions
Related Policies:

State statute #35-44-1.3, Section 2.50 (Appendix F)
FIN-PUR-3.0, Ethics
FIN-PUR-3.1, Code of Ethics

Conflict of Interest and Disclosure
University Purchasing Policies
Other Relevant Policies

Additional Forms: Exception to Policy Form

Things to Know:

  • Under no circumstances should an IU employee use their own discount/loyalty/reward cards for any IU purchases. (Examples: Marsh, Kroger, Staples, Best Buy, etc.). University Purchasing Policy FIN-PUR-3.3, State Conflict of Interest for Procurement Transactions states, “No university employee may use his or her purchasing authorities for personal gain.” When a rewards card is used, the purchaser receives coupons, store points with value, gift cards, or in some cases, cash. Hence, the use of Personal Rewards Card with an IU P-Card is prohibited.
  • The IU Purchasing Card can be used at any Visa merchant for purchases made online, over the phone, for pickup, or at the counter.
  • Acceptance: If, in the course of using the card, you encounter a merchant who is not currently Visa capable, and would like to become an Visa merchant, please have them contact the IU Purchasing Card Manager for your campus.
  • Deliveries: Make sure to give the merchant your appropriate campus department address which should be indicated on the outside of the package.
  • Individual vs. Departmental Accounts: If the card is issued to an individual then only the authorized cardholder may use the card. Delegation of authority is not permitted unless your card is issued in the name of your department. Merchants require that the signature on the card match the signature on the receipt. In general, your Visa card should be used in a responsible manner for purchases that are in the best interest of the University. If the card is issued to an organization (department) then the card should not be signed.
  • Policies: All purchases must be made in compliance with University expenditure policies. Please refer to the Indiana University Purchasing Policies. Cardholders may not make purchases that violate University policy restricting business transactions that may be perceived as a conflict of interest (purchases from a business in which you or a relative have a financial interest). See a full version of policy FIN-PUR-3.3. Use of the card for personal purchases and the use of personal rewards cards that benefit the employee and not the university is strictly prohibited.
  • Receipts: All purchases must be supported by an original itemized receipt. You will be responsible for retaining receipts for all of your purchasing card purchases and forwarding them to your accounting department with your monthly statement. When placing an order over the phone, please remind the merchant that IU is tax exempt and that they should include an itemized receipt. At the end of each billing cycle, all receipts pertaining to a particular statement should be attached to that statement and sent to your accounting department by the 10th of the following month. All purchases MUST have itemized back-up documentation supporting the expense.
  • If you find you are in need of a copy of a charge receipt, contact the vendor. If the vendor is unable to provide a copy of your receipt, then you must complete an exception to policy form. Should your card be denied by a merchant and you would like an explanation, please call or contact your P-Card manager.
  • Returns and Discrepancies: The cardholder will be responsible for ensuring receipt of materials and follow-up efforts required for resolving delivery problems, discrepancies, damaged goods, billing problems or returns. To return an item, contact the vendor to obtain their return policy and procedures. Also see Disputes.
  • Spending Limits: Each individual purchasing card transaction must not exceed the set dollar limit for the card, including shipping (default is $1,000). Transactions at $1,000.01 and greater will be denied at the point of sale. It is not permissible to make multiple charges in the same day to the same vendor in order to facilitate a charge that exceeds $1,000.00. If this limit does not meet your department's needs, you may submit a written request to your P-Card manager to have the transaction dollar limit revised.
  • Contact your IU Purchasing Card Manager for questions.