Lost or Stolen P-Cards

Activity: Lost or Stolen P-Cards
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Things to Know:

Steps to follow when reporting a lost or stolen PCard:
  1. Immediately contact US Bank Fraud Prevention, available 24 hours a day: at 1-800-523-9078 (if traveling internationally, call collect 1-701-461-2010).
  2. Contact the Purchasing Card Manager, so your PCard account profile can be re-established, and a new replacement plastic can be ordered.
  3. Notify Risk Management at 812-855-9758 and your campus Police Department.
  4. A replacement card will be reissued upon report of the lost or stolen card to US Bank. (NO PAPERWORK REQUIRED). This may take 2-3 business days and will be delivered to the billing address on file.
  5. Upon receipt of the "replacement" PCard, be sure to activate the new account before initiating use.
  6. The cardholder should continue to monitor account until all transactions have been reconciled.
  7. If a lost/stolen PCard is later found, destroy the card immediately. The card is not functional after being flagged stolen or a new replacement card has been issued.

It is the responsibility of the cardholder or the department head to report a lost or stolen PCard immediately to US Bank Fraud Prevention.