P-Card and Hospitality - Related Object Codes

Activity: P-Card and Hospitality - Related Object Codes
Financial Policy: FIN-ACC-I-50, Allowable Hospitality Expenses
Related Policies: N/A
Additional Forms: Hospitality Request Form

Things to Know:

  • Transactions for hospitality require approval from the appropriate source:
    University Budget Office for UA accounts
    Bloomington Budget Office for BL accounts
    Contract and Grants for C&G accounts
  • A copy of the approval Hospitality Request Form or e-mail must accompany the itemized receipt and bank statement to FMS. All hospitality purchases that do not have approval documentation attached will be sent to the cardholder asking them to obtain the appropriate approval or to contact the vendor to request their card be credited and make arrangements to pay with personal funds or through the Indiana University Foundation. If this becomes a recurring problem, the card will be cancelled.
  • The following is a list of hospitality object codes for your convenience:
    • Conferences & Workshops – use object code 4026 for hospitality
    • Auxiliary & Service Units – object code 4868 should be used for promotional expenses.
    • Actual auxiliary hospitality expenses (non-promotional) – should be charged to object code 4025.
    • Designated Other Funds (23) Accounts Funded by External Sales – use object code 4868.
    • Grant, Contract and Gift Accounts – use object code 4027 for hospitality.
    • Student Activity Hospitality – code as appropriate; object code 4028 (Student Activity Fee Hospitality Expense) or the appropriate recruitment object code, etc. or contact your campus business office for assistance.
  • Please review the institutional policy governing hospitality expenses (see Allowable Hospitality Expenses Policy). A summary of key points is presented here for your guidance in preparing orders and documentation.
  • See IU Purchasing Newsletters http://www.indiana.edu/~purchase/newsletter/newsletter.shtml