P-Card Disputes

Activity: P-Card Disputes
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Things to Know:

  • If a merchant charged for damaged merchandise, incorrect shipments, or sales tax then it is the cardholder's responsibility to obtain credit from the merchant
  • The merchant should be notified of the difficulty as soon as possible and begin a resolution. Once the credit/refund is received, print a copy of the P-Card Document (PCDO) in FIS. Attach the PCDO to the P-Card statement where the credit appears. Documenting the credit in this manner meets guidelines suggested by Internal Audit
  • If the above process does not resolve the issue then a dispute should be initiated.
  • There is a 60-day period in which to file disputes with US Bank. Disputes filed later than 60 days from the date of the cardholder statement may not be considered.
  • Disputes should be discussed first with the merchant and should be referred to US Bank only after attempts to resolve the matter with the merchant have failed.
  • US Bank will require the cardholder to fill out an on-line dispute form using Access Online or you may call US Bank Customer Service at 1-800-344-5696. A copy of the completed form should be attached to the monthly P-Card statement.Contact your Campus P-Card Manager for assistance.
  • US Bank Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-344-5696