Personnel Policies for Temporary Staff Employees at IU - BC*

Activity: Personnel Policies for Temporary Staff Employees at IU - BC
Financial Policy:

FIN-PAY-IV-1, Time Reporting for Non-Exempt Employees
FIN-PAY-IV-270, Recording of Timekeeping in TIME

Related Policies: Temporary Positions (formerly known as Hourly Positions) Temporary 1.1
Additional Forms: N/A

Things to Know:

A Staff or Academic position must be established when a Temporary employee is expected  to or has worked for 1,930 hours or more in a fiscal year within a responsibility center (RC). Hours of work are based on all expected work within an RC, even if such hours are from different funding sources or different departments within an RC, and/or multiple tasks are performed.  In other words, an Hourly employee/position should not  be established if work is expected to be 1,930 hours or more during a year. 

Link to the corresponding policy Establishing Staff Positions:

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