Requirements for HRMS Payroll Voucher Access

Activity: Requirements for HRMS Payroll Voucher Access
Financial Policy: FIN-PAY-IV-10, Departmental Retention/Destruction of Payroll Records
FIN-PAY-IV-50, Establishment of Payroll Schedules
FIN-PAY-IV-30, Stop Payment and Reissue University Payroll Checks
FIN-PAY-IV-200, Segregation of Duties for Payroll Processing
FIN-PAY-IV-220, Determination of Employee or Independent Contractor Status
FIN-PAY-IV-250, Off-cycle Payroll Payments
FIN-PAY-IV-260, Delegation of Approval Authority for HRMS Fiscal Transactions
FIN-PAY-IV-270, Recording of Timekeeping on TIME
Related Policies:
Additional Forms: See FMS Payroll website

Things to Know:

An IU employee needing access to process payroll must attend the required basic payroll training session visit FMS Payroll, scroll down to "Access to Payroll Information and Training" and follow their 2 steps. The second step has to do with filling out the HRMS compliance forms needed before you can attend any payroll training sessions.

Anyone who is a Fiscal Officer or Fiscal Approver will not be allowed HRMS payroll voucher access.

Extra information you may need:

For questions please send a message through the FMS Support Form or contact your FMS Payroll Processor.