Revenue at the IU Foundation

Activity: Revenue at the IU Foundation
Financial Policy: Depositing of Revenue for the Sale of Goods and Services at the IU Foundation, FIN-ACC-460
Establishing and Modifying Revenue Producing Activities (RPA), FIN-TRE-121
Related Policies: N/A
Additional Forms: Disbursement Voucher document located in KFS
Deposit of Revenue to the IU Foundation (form and instructions)

Things to Know:

  • Revenues generated by university resources through the sale of goods or services must be deposited into an IU account.
  • Funds necessary for expenditures related to revenue generating activities that are unallowable expenditures by university policy may be transferred to the Foundation with documentation if revenues for the activity exceed activity expenditures.
    Documentation Process:
    1.  Disbursement voucher in KFS must be made out to IUF and processed.
    2.  The account used on the Disbursement Voucher (DV) must be the same account that received the revenue generating activity revenue.
    3.  Copies of the receipts must be attached to the DV.
    4.  Attach a Depositing Revenue to the IU Foundation form to the DV with the original receipts.
    5.  Electronically send the DV.
    6.  Send paper documents to Rozzie Gerstman, Bryan Hall 007, for review.