Revenue Producing Activity (RPA)

Activity: Revenue Producing Activity (RPA)
Financial Policy: Establishing and Modifying Revenue Producing Activities (RPA), FIN-TRE-121
Processing Revenue, FIN-TRE-120
Accepting Electronic Payments, FIN-TRE-110
Recharge and Service Center Activity, FIN-ACC-400
External Agency Agreements, FIN-TRE-90
Related Policies:

Conflicts of Commitment, HR-07-30
Conflicts of Interest, HR-07-40
Intellectual Property Policy, UA-05

Additional Forms:

Things to Know:

  • Must be consistent with the mission of the university and the mission of the specific organization.
  • Applies to internal and external sales activities.
  • Definition of revenue producing activities (RPA) – Revenue is generated from sale of products and/or services provided by the university or university employees.
  • Excludes all sponsored programs.
  • External sales – An exchange by the university of tangible or intangible products and/or services with external customers for monetary consideration. Does not pay for the goods or services from an IU account.
  • Sales revenue may exceed expenses. Excludes – technology transfer, license and trademark agreements.
  • Internal sales – The sale of goods or services by one university department to another department within the university and to sales within a department. Limited to break-even basis. Transactions use an
  • Internal/Service Billing or batch process.
  • Must be approved by campus business officer.
  • Revenues produced must remain in university accounts and use appropriate object codes.
  • Governed by Indiana State Law and university Conflict of Interest Policy.


BL   Chris Puckett,, 855-2897
       Patti Quimby,, 855-1252
UA  Joan Hagen 856-2548

    • Procedures:
      a.  Schedule a preliminary review meeting/discussion with the campus business officer before commencing with the following steps in establishing an RPA account;
      b.  Complete an RPA Questionnaire;
      c.  Create a business plan;
      d.  If a recharge center, prepare a schedule of rate calculations for the operation;
      e.  Submit the questionnaire, business plan, completed Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement, if applicable, and any supporting paperwork to the campus business officer for approval.
  • Additional cross references:
    Program Income on Sponsored Programs, SPA-11-011
    Internal Billings to Sponsored Projects Notice 003
    Protect IU Copyright Tutorial

CATS Presentation:
NEW Online RPAQ System (2017)

Revenue Producing Training