Sam's Club Restrictions

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Things to Know:

Indiana University does not allow individual departments to purchase memberships to Sam’s Club unless they have an ongoing and compelling need to do business there. For example, approval may be attained for the purchase of specialized items only available at Sam’s, or a request for repetitive purchases that result in a large total expenditure. Departments that desire to make infrequent small dollar purchases are prohibited from using Sam’s Club.

At this time Sam’s Club does not honor Indiana University’s tax exempt status on purchases made with a Procurement Card unless accompanied by an IU business membership card. A business membership costs $35 per card. Sam’s Club will not negotiate a University membership; they require the memberships to be departmental. Therefore, anyone desiring to make a purchase would be required to have a membership card to go with their p-card. Additionally, Sam’s Club does not accept Purchase Orders.

Departments may contact Purchasing and request approval for buying a membership. Faculty and staff will be required to justify and quantify their anticipated needs and Purchasing will approve or deny requests for membership on a case-by-case basis. Any purchase that results in sales tax being charged is prohibited.