Group Travel

Activity: Group Travel
Financial Policy: FIN-ACC-I-1, Role of Fiscal Officer, Account Manager and Account Supervisor
FIN-ACC-I-30, Fiscal Misconduct
FIN-ACC-I-35, Fraud
FIN-ACC-I-310, Moving Expenses
FIN-ACC-I-330, Inappropriate Use of University Funds
FIN-ACC-I-430, Reimbursement of Meals for Emergency Situations
FIN-ACC-I-470, Internal Controls
Related Policies:

FIN-TRV-1.0, Authorization for Out-of-State Travel
FIN-TRV-2.0, Reimbursement of Travel Expenditures
Insurance Coverage while on University Travel Status
FIN-TRV-3.0, Travel Reimbursement Deadline Policy
Insurance, Loss Control and Claims Policies (see Auto and Travel)

Additional Forms: In-State Travel Reimbursement Form
Out of State Department Travel Authorization
Exception to Policy
Travel Mileage Record
Prepayment Form
Foreign Expense Worksheet
Things to know
  • Travel Management Web Site
  • Group travel is claimed by submitting a department travel authorization in the name of the staff person overseeing the entire trip. Group travel applies only to students. The person in charge is responsible for obtaining and submitting all original receipts. A roster of student names must be attached to the Travel Reimbursement Request form.
  • Instead of per diem payments, actual receipts are used for the reimbursement of meal costs for the group. However, these payments cannot exceed the amount allowed by applicable per diem regulations. All claims must be indicated on the front of the travel reimbursement request.