Sabbatical and Other Leaves - BC*

Activity: Sabbatical and Other Leaves - BC
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Things to Know:
  • Employees currently on LEAVE should be given increments on their annual salary rates regardless of the fraction of salary, if any, paid from your budget for the next fiscal year.
  • In salary setting, the amount entered in the field located in the REQUEST row should be the amount needed to pay the employee for the upcoming fiscal year based upon the Leave Duration Code chosen.
  • To update the LEAVE information; locate the Leaves Request CSF row within salary setting and choose the appropriate TYPE of Leave via the dropdown box; once selected, tab out to move to the Amount field in the same row to enter the employee’s total annual salary (including any proposed salary increment). Tab again to move to the Percent Time and enter the employee’s total percent of appointment.
    • Example: the employee’s new salary is $50,000.00/10 months and they will be on SABA; (Sabbatical Leave: Academic Year). In the REQUEST row, we would expect to see $25,000.00 entered for the Amount required to meet payroll obligations.  In the Leaves Request CSF row; the dropdown box should reflect SABA, $50,000.00 in the Amount column, and 100.00 in the Percent Time column.

Leave Duration Code Meanings

LWP1  LWOP: First Semester

LWP2  LWOP: Second Semester

LWPA  LWOP: 10 months

LWPF  LWOP: 12 months

LWPH  LWOP: 6 months

NONE  No Leave

SAB1  Sabbatical Leave: 1st Semester

SAB2  Sabbatical Leave: 2nd Semester

SABA  Sabbatical Leave: Academic Year

SABF  Sabbatical Leave: 12 months

SABH  Sabbatical Leave: 6 months

LWPX  LWOP: Across Fiscal Years

SABX  Sabbatical Leave: Across Fiscal Years

FPRT  Faculty Phased Retirement

*BC - Budget Construction