The Study Abroad Scholarship Matching Program

Activity: The Study Abroad Scholarship Matching Program - Overseas Study
Financial Policy:

Donor Intent Responsibilities, FIN-ACC-I-45
Fund Structure and Account Approval, FIN-ACC-I-120

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Things to Know:

Indiana University has allocated $1 million to match the income from endowments established by IU alumni and friends to provide one-time scholarships to IU undergraduates from any campus participating in IU-approved, credit-bearing study-abroad programs. The match will help Indiana University to raise $20 million in new study-abroad scholarships. The $1 million in matching funds will be used to double the initial impact of qualifying endowments provided to the International Study-Abroad Scholarship Program by IU’s alumni and friends before December 31, 2017 or until the matching funds have been allocated.

For detailed Procedural Instructions on how to set up an account, verification and receipt of matching funds, awarding scholarships, and reconciliation, please see the Indiana University Overseas Study Matching Scholarship - Guide to Administration document.

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