University Provided Vehicles

Activity: University Provided Vehicles
Financial Policy: FIN-ACC-I-340, University Automobiles and Automobile Allowances
Related Policies: FIN-ACC-I-330, Inappropriate Use of University Funds
Additional Forms:

Mileage Log

Things to Know:

  • Policy Rationale: Defines what personal miles are acceptable when combined with a business trip. Trips from employee's home to base office are considered personal use unless employee is on-call and an emergency trip is necessary.
  • Base office - Physical location that the University has determined is the official base address of an employee.
  • Keep mileage logs that will be turned into FMS. Personal miles are calculated for the benefit value of the personal miles so the value can be added to the employee's W-2. Calculation is determined by a cents-per-mile amount provided and updated by the IRS.
  • Refer to Insurance, Loss Control and Claims policy FIN-INS-07, Who Can Use University Vehicles