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Movable Capital Equipment
Activity: Movable Capital Equipment
Policies: I-150   Capitalization of Movable Equipment
I-110   Custody and Tagging of Capital Movable Equipment
  I-180   Depreciation of Capital Assets
  I-270   Ownership of University Capital Assets
Additional Forms: Capital Assets Manual
Things to Know:
  • Equipment is defined as personal, tangible property. Equipment with an acquisition value of $5,000.00 or more and a normal life expectancy of greater than one year is defined as capital equipment.
  • To properly capitalize equipment the correct object code must be used on the purchase order and other financial transactions. A list of object codes (income and expense) is available by contacting your campus Chart Manager (List of Chart Managers) or in the FIS Object Code Reference Table.
      Ordering Furniture Through Business Furniture & EPIC
      There is a new shop contract system for Business Furniture that allows you to pull their quotes into EPIC so you don't have to re-type all of the specifications. Karin Coopersmith, Purchasing, is the contact person to help you get started and will contact your Business Furniture contact to let them know you are set up so they can put your quote into the Quotes Awaiting Approval list.
      Below are the directions to use when you get a quote from Business Furniture and you want to purchase the items that were quoted.
      First Go to EPIC in One Start and go to the top of the browser page to Tools. [You only need to do this step the first time you are bringing a quote into a requisition to purchase the item(s).] At the top of your browser, click on tools, internet options, privacy, advanced; click Override automatic cookie handling and click Always allow session cookies and hit ok twice to be back at EPIC.
      Here are the steps to pull in the quote:
    1. Go to Epic, Shop Contracts, click on BFC furniture icon (for now it is at the bottom of the page).
    2. Click on Quotes Awaiting Approval on left side of screen
    3. Delete date range and search all quotes for your quote
    4. Click on your quote # and click to the left of the quote number to verify it is the quote you want to order.
    5. Click Approve, no comments (Comments don't work yet)
    6. Click Submit to Procurement
    7. Click Return to Epic
    8. Click Create a Requisition
    9. You should then be at the standard screen to create a requisition and should follow the same steps as you always do.