What is the story about?

    The story is about letting people know about the extreme technologies that will be possible in the moderately-near future.  This underlying message is hidden under the guise of a commercial for a fictional drug called "Nanomemorepinol" or "memorep" for short.

Who are the characters?

    There are really only 3 characters.  The first character we meet is the narrator of the commercial.  The next is a patient who receives an injection of the drug at the beginning of the commerical.  The 3rd character, or group of characters are the nanobots who pretty much are nanomemorepinol.  They do all the work inside the patient's brain.

With whom is the conflict?

    The conflict is intended to between the viewer of the commercial and their preconceived notions of what the future will bring.  I full expect there to be a drug which functions the same as memorep available within the next 50 years.  I want people to see this piece and be made aware of what is coming.  I want them to search within themselves to decide whether this type of technology scares them or if they embrace it as I do.

How many lights and light stands are needed to illuminate the locale?

    I don't know about this yet.  In the injection scene I expect to use no more than 2 lights.  One overhead to act as a flourscent light would in a doctor's office.  The second light will provide illumination to the back of the head which is the primary area of interest in this scene.
    The internal scene will make use of glowing objects to provide a lot of illumination.  It should not be possible to see light coming from one direction more than another.

What colors dominate each scene?

    The injection scene plays off the character's blonde hair and the reflection on the metalic injection device.  The rest of the scene will have a slight glow to it and will be somewhat out of focus.  The colors in the background will blend together so the eye focuses on the injection.
    The internal scene will be a combination of dark reds, browns, and greens.


    The injection scene should be completed by November 28th.  By December 7th the internal scene should be near complete.  This will leave me about one week to make improvements/corrections.