The Fire Realm

Dave Felice & Kevin Kowalewski
Welcome to the Fire Realm. You have arrived here from space. This level is an ash covered volcanic world where lava continuously swirls. The sky is firey. There is very little to see at any one point. The terrain is hard to traverse. Your goal is to both explore this world and find a way to enter the next one.
In order to get through this world, there are some things you need to know about actual maneuvering. For one thing, if you were to take the time to walk though this entire realm, it would be very tough. There is a possible path, and while it is meant to frustrate the user, we realize there are also time limitations, so to overcome this problem, the first thing you need to know is that you can fly through this world if you are out of time, cannot find a path, or are simply too annoyed to continue walking. In order to do this, there are 2 toggles for the FLY MODE set in your WAND. The FIRST (1) BUTTON turns FLY MODE to ON. The THIRD (3) BUTTON turns this mode OFF.
You need to explore this land...find a bridge and look for a cave. Do you see a torch? You can PICK UP a torch or DROP it by pressing BUTTON TWO (2). Look for a firey guy and listen to him. Watch out for dragons that breathe fire!! Remember that your journey is are not the first person to cross this way...can you find any proof of this? From the pinnacle you reach, look around and look down... watch out for low flying bats...leap if you must to escape this joyless realm.
This world was designed by Dave and Kevin...The actual terrain was laid out by Kevin and he also came up with the lava effect... if you see anything in your path that is not a rock or ridge, you are probably looking at models by Dave.
Enjoy your trip
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