BIO: David Smith

David Smith is a Graduate student with a concentration in Digital Arts. David has nearly 27 years design experience in electronics and computing. Currently David is working with Maya 3D and Virtools developing 3D environments. David finds working with 3D and virtual environments a natural extension of his technical and creative work of the past 30 years. “Current computer graphics technology is astounding. Working with 3D environments allows me to create and visualize a fantastic array of ideas and objects that were previously impossible to achieve. I can create compelling objects, and place those objects in an interesting virtual environment, navigate within that environment, view and interact with my creations from all sides in three dimensions.”

Project  Description: Shadows
David’s part of the 2010 Intermedia Festival project involved animating a stylized hand puppet that casts shadows in the Virtools virtual environment. A fractal image texture created with Fractal Explorer was applied to the animated hand. This ‘tattoo’ projected onto the surface of the hand evokes Henna Tattoos taken to a psychedelic level. The hand is illuminated by three lights which cast shadows on the nearby surfaces. The hand loops through a series of poses and the shadows cast by the hand create a multitude of everchanging shapes.

Link to Virtools Scene - Shadows