"The Phoenix Temple"

Matthew King

Matthew King Bio:

Matthew King is an undergraduate student enrolled at the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at the Bloomington, Indiana campus of Indiana University.  He received an Associates of Fine Arts focused in Drawing in 2008, and is currently working toward a Bachelor’s of Arts focused in Digital Media, as well as the Certificate in Game Studies offered through the School of Telecommunications. 
Matthew’s interest in 3D modeling and interactive digital environments began in high school when he was introduced to G Max and 3D Studio Max through a series of How-To books purchased at a local book shop.  In college, he was introduced to Autodesk Maya, as well as several other programs that aid the production of digital, such as After Effects, Photoshop, and Flash.  Following the conclusion of his undergraduate studies, Matthew intends to follow his love of digital art and 3D modeling into the video game industry.

“The Phoenix Temple”

The Phoenix Temple is the project submitted by Justin Huffman and Matthew King for the 2010 Intermedia Festival.  It was produced by combining Huffman’s phoenix character model with King’s 3D temple environment.  The goal of the final product is to transport the viewer into an imaginary world.  The first thing that the viewer may notice is the large and mysterious mountain at the center of the piece, notable for its rocky cliffs and its blanket of smoky, steam-like mist.  Near the top of the mountain rests a large, ancient-looking temple.  This temple was stylized after the architectural styles of different human cultures and was shaped to resemble a gigantic, stone birdhouse.  A thin stream of rushing lava drains from the large tube that is located at the temple’s base.  And soaring high above all of this is the mighty phoenix, burning majestically through the sky as it encircles the mountain.

Virtools environment