Matthew Unterfranz


Matthew Unterfranz is studying Footwear Design through the Individualized Major Program at Indiana University.  By creating an environment with limited figures, Matthew hopes to focus the audience’s attention on his designs.  Taking inspiration for MC Escher’s Drawing Hands, Matthew created a desk which holds a lamp and three shoe designs.  The shoe on the left is not an original design from Matthew, but a 3D modeled version of a TOMS Shoe.  The other two designs are originals from Matthew.  The shoe on the right is a canvas sneaker that utilizes a zipper for its closure.  The other design is a basketball show with a “collar” technology added to it to comfort and support in the ankle area.  Matthew hopes to take his knowledge of 3D modeling and apply it to future shoe design projects. 


Click Here to See the Shoes Environment in 3D!!!